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Motorola NMN6193C Noise Cancelling Speaker Mic - NMN6193

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  • Manufacturer: Motorola
  • Model: NMN6193
  • Part #: NMN6193C / NMN6193B

  • Compatible with: Motorola Cosmo, Motorola GP900, Motorola HT1000, Motorola HT4500, Motorola HT6000, Motorola JT1000, Motorola Mobius, Motorola MT1500, Motorola MT2000, Motorola MTP-200, Motorola MTP-300, Motorola MTP200, Motorola MTP300, Motorola MTS2000, Motorola MTX8000, Motorola MTX838, Motorola MTX9000, Motorola MTXLS, Motorola MTZ2000, Motorola PR1500, Motorola XTS-1500, Motorola XTS-2000, Motorola XTS-2500, Motorola XTS-3000, Motorola XTS-3000R, Motorola XTS-3500, Motorola XTS-3500R, Motorola XTS-5000, Motorola XTS-5000R, Motorola XTS1500, Motorola XTS2000, Motorola XTS2500, Motorola XTS3000, Motorola XTS3000R, Motorola XTS3500, Motorola XTS3500R, Motorola XTS5000, Motorola XTS5000R, EF Johnson 5000, EF Johnson 5100, EF Johnson 51SL, Motorola AN/PRC-127EF, Motorola AN/PRC-153,Motorola Ascend, Motorola Jedi Series, Motorola Multi-Net Ascend, Motorola XTS2500R, Motorola XTS-2500R, Motorola XTS4250, Motorola XTS-4250, Motorola XTS-2250, Motorola XTS2500I, Motorola XTS2500I.5, EF Johnson 51SL ES
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Manufacturer: Motorola
SKU: NMN6193

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