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Motorola APX6000 H98UCF9PW6AN 7 / 800 MHz Portable P25

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  • Manufacturer: Motorola
  • Model: APX6000 
  • Part #: H98UCF9PW6AN  

  • Please do not order this radio without verifying with your radio administrator this it is compatible with your radio network
  • Model 2.5 / 1000 channels
  • 763-870 MHz
  • Shown with optional charger, antenna, holster, and battery
  • This radio is not equipped with PHASE 2 P25
  • This radio requires an Advanced System Key to operate. Keys are issued by your radio network administrator and usually for government radio networks only. If you are planning to use this radio for work/personal use, your issuing agency will need your radio's serial number before they can issue the key. The system key that was used in this radio before was removed by the previous radio administrator.
  • The tags/flashcode on the radio and the label(s) are the same
  • MACE Algorithims: ADP
  • Codeplug Version: R27.00.01
  • Firmware Version: R14.00.04
  • FLASHCODE: 9010A8-001480-6-000000-000000
    Q806 ASTRO IMBE Digital Operation
    G996 Over the Air Provisioning
    QA00569 Primary Band: 700/800
    QA00583 Enable Bluetooth Operation
    QA01648 Advanced System Key Enhanced Operation
    H38 SmartZone Systems Operation
    Q947 APCO Packet Data Interface
    Q173 SmartZone Omnilink MultiZone Operation
    Q361 ASTRO 25 9600 Baud Trunking

    This item is Haloid Guaranteed Refurbished™. Our technicians performed a 33-point inspection to ensure the item is fully functional. We include a 30-day money-back guarantee and 3-month warranty

    RESTRICTED ITEM Notice: This item will only be sold to government agencies, companies, emergency response organizations, and radio dealers. Individual buyers are prohibited from buying this item. If you're a first responder or licensed ham, please contact us for an exception.

    Compliance Disclaimer: 
    We certify this equipment has not been modified beyond its original factory and licensing specifications. The tags/flashcodes on the radios and the label(s) are original - and match. Please keep in mind, software and flash upgrades should only be performed by Motorola/Motorola authorized dealers. Failure to do so will void the radio's warranty and make it unreturnable to Haloid. You are welcome to have the radio programmed to your licensed frequencies but please leave software updates to your local Motorola dealer. 
  • Accessories Available: Click the yellow “BUY & ADD OPTIONS” button to add options and accessories.

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    Manufacturer: Motorola

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    Motorola APX6000 H98UCF9PW6AN 7 / 800 MHz Portable P25

    Original price $2,999.00
    Original price $2,999.00 - Original price $2,999.00
    Original price $2,999.00
    Current price $799.99
    $799.99 - $799.99
    Current price $799.99
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