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EF Johnson 5300 ES FPP P25 UHF R1 MOBILE BUNDLE - 242-536C-201AFAB6 ( 380 - 470 MHz ) FPP

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  • Manufacturer: EF Johnson
  • Model: 5300 ES
  • Part #: 242-536C-201AFAB6


These feature-rich and high-end R1 UHF mobiles came from a defense agency that auctioned off all their UHF equipment. They are in excellent condition and were hardly used. They are unique due to their split and FPP capabilities. We've asked several hams, and no one was aware of any FPP mobile radio in this split! These are a limited find!

What's included in this bundle

  • Radio
  • Palm Mic
  • Bracket with Bolts
  • Power cable with power connector
  • Accessory adapter
  • Cigarette lighter power adapter
  • Magnet-mount UHF antenna


  • UHF 380-470 MHz
  • Up to 45-watt transmission power

P25 Features

  • Digital Voice
  • Conventional Mobile Data
  • Trunking Mobile Data
  • Digital Conventional

Encryption Features

  • P25 DES OFB
  • P25 AES 256 OFB

OTAR Features

  • Conventional
  • P25 Trunking

Feature Features

  • Keypad Programming
  • 512 Talkgroups/Channels
  • Zonefail Site Lock
  • Conventional Vote Scan

Trunking Features

  • STAR Roaming (Omnilink)
  • SMARTNET Trunking
  • SmartZone Trunking
  • P25 Trunking
  • Multinet Trunking

Keypad Programming Explained: These units can be field programmed to a specific frequency/tone, in both conventional and P25, using the current keypad. Unlike equipment from other manufacturers, a full DTMF keypad is not required. Channel names can be programmed as well.

Limited Programming Cables Available: We have a limited supply of EF Johnson USB programming cables for these mobiles. Unfortunately, because we have a small quantity, we can only offer the cables to customers who purchase at least ten mobiles from us. The cost for the cable is $149.99.

This item is Haloid Guaranteed Refurbished™. Our technicians performed a 33-point inspection to ensure the item is fully functional. We include a 30-day money-back guarantee and four-month warranty.

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Manufacturer: EF Johnson

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