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Free Shipping Above $50
Free Shipping Above $50
  • Manufacturer: MOTOROLA
  • Model: APX8500 
  • Part #: M37TSS9PW1AN

    We have two extremely rare Motorola APX8500 radios. These radios have never been deployed into the field - and the boxes were opened for the first time so we can take these photos. 

  • Included options: 05 dash control head, speaker, palm mic, power cable, all band antenna, AES Encryption
  • FLASHCODE: 18X0488114805
    Q806/G806 IMBE / APCO-25 Digital Operation
    H868/W298 Conventional Multikey and Analog Conventional MDC OTAR Future System Package
    H28/G51 Smartzone Operation
    H29 Single key Software Encryption Option
    Q354 OTACS
    W947/Q947 APCO Packet Data
    Q173/G173 Smartzone OmniLink Operation
    Q361/G361 Digital APCO-25 IMBE Trunking (9600)
  • FCC ID: AZ492FT7089
  • The tags/flashcode on these radios match their respective labels

    Please note: Motorola APX series radios are technologically sophisticated and should only have software/flash upgrades performed by Motorola authorized dealers. Failure to do so will void the radio's warranty and make it unreturnable to Haloid. You are welcome to have the radio programmed to your licensed frequencies but please leave complicated software updates to your local Motorola dealer.

  • Restricted item:
    Due to high demand for this item, we are restricting its sale to the following buyers:

    • Amateur radio licensees that support public safety (general/extra licensees only)
    • Government agencies (local/state/federal/military)
    • Authorized Motorola radio dealers
    • Public safety companies (e.g., privately-owned ambulance)
    • National defense/military contractors
    • Utility companies
    • To be considered for an exception, please contact us.

    Motorola APX8500 M37TSS9PW1AN ALL BAND Radio with Accessories





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