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  • Manufacturer: EF Johnson
  • Model: 5300 ES
  • Part #: 242-536C-201AFAB6


These feature-rich and high-end R1 UHF mobiles came from a defense agency that auctioned off all their UHF equipment. They are in excellent condition and were hardly used. They are unique due to their split.


  • UHF 380-470 MHz
  • Up to 45-watt transmission power
  • Includes radio only

P25 ENABLED Options

  • Digital Conventional

Encryption ENABLED Options

  • P25 DES OFB
Feature ENABLED Options
  • 512 Talkgroups/Channels
  • Conventional Vote Scan

Trunking ENABLED Options

  • STAR Roaming (Omnilink)
  • P25 Trunking

Limited Programming Cables Available: We have a limited supply of EF Johnson USB programming cables for these mobiles. Unfortunately, because we have a small quantity, we can only offer the cables to customers who purchase at least ten mobiles from us. The cost for the cable is $149.99.

This radio is Haloid Refurbished™ and is guaranteed by a 90-day warranty. Any customized options purchased with this item are also guaranteed.

EF Johnson 5300 ES P25 UHF R1 MOBILE RADIO 242-536C-201AFAB6 ( 380 - 470 MHz )




EF Johnson



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