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Free Shipping Above $50
  • Manufacturer: EF Johnson
  • Model: 5100 ES VIKING 
  • Part #: M 242-512B-440T6

    ****PLEASE NOTE: We've seen a recent uptick in orders for these radios as a result of a Baofeng-related post. If you are first-time radio buyer, please note that encryption technologies can only be used on FCC licensed frequencies. It is a violation of federal law to use encryption on GMRS, FRS, or HAM frequencies. Moreover, we will not provide you with the software to program these radios. We also will not assist you with programming these radios if you obtain the software yourself. The typical buyer for this radio is an experienced radio operator. If you are a first-time radio buyer, or unfamiliar with radio licensing requirements, we suggest you do NOT buy these radios. Thank you for your understanding.****

    These are special radios. EFJ UHF radios, in this split, are impossible to find.  They are also loaded with enabled features like FPP, P25, and encryption. They come in EFJ's exclusive black casing (reserved for special models) and are available with an optional desktop Li-Ion charger and optional used Li-Ion battery.

    For buyers that are new to the EF Johnson brand, it's important to note these are the newer ES series radios. The ES series is comparable in quality to Motorola's XTS5000 model and shares many of the same features. While still great radios, EFJ's initial 5100 radios (i.e., those without the ES) are not as durable as the 5100 ES. Almost all 5100 ES UHF radios were purpose built and sold to military buyers.

    These radios came from a defense contractor that auctioned off their entire inventory of UHF equipment (most of which is only a few years old). Each radio is in excellent condition, as they were lightly used on short missions. They include a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 90-day replacement warranty.

    General Features
  • Intrinsically Safe / FM Approved
  • MIL Standard 810 C, D, E,
    and F specs
  • Supports MDC-1200 and GE-Star signaling
  • UHF Split: 380-470 MHz

    P25 ENABLED Options
  • Conventional Mobile Data
  • Trunking Mobile Data
  • Digital Conventional
  • Digital SMARTNET/SmartZone

    Encryption ENABLED Options
  • DES Securenet
  • DES XL
  • P25 DES OFB
  • P25 AES 256 OFB

    OTAR ENABLED Options
  • Conventional
  • P25 Trunking

    Trunking ENABLED Options
  • STAR Roaming (Omnilink)
  • SMARTNET Trunking
  • SmartZone Trunking
  • P25 Trunking
  • Multinet Trunking

    Feature ENABLED Options
  • Keypad Programming
  • Full Keypad Support
  • 512 Talkgroups/Channels
  • Zonefail Site Lock
  • MDC1200
  • Conventional Vote Scan

    Keypad Programming Explained
  • These units can be field programmed to a specific frequency/tone, in both conventional and P25, using the current keypad. Unlike equipment from other manufacturers, a full DTMF keypad is not required. Channel names can be programmed as well.

    What's included
  • EFJ 5100 ES UHF Radio Only. Accessories can be added before checkout.

    This radio is Haloid Guaranteed Refurbished. It's been inspected, tested, and cleaned, and includes a 90-day replacement warranty.
  • EF Johnson 5100 ES VIKING UHF R1 FPP P25 Portable ( 380-470 MHz ) AES 256


    M 242-512B-440T6 - FPP-CHARGER


    EF Johnson

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