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We love these EF Johnson Multi Chargers!

We love these EF Johnson Multi Chargers!

These came to us from a defense contractor that used them to charge their Motorola XTS and EFJ Viking radio batteries. While they don’t have the LCDs of the Motorola IMPRES chargers, they are more than 50% smaller.

We are using them on our bench and loving the space savings. Theses tri-chemistry chargers can charge lithium, NiMH, and NiCD batteries. They will charge XTS3000/5000 batteries – but not other series like the XTS1500/XTS2500. And they include multi-color LEDs to indicate charging status (or errors).

Some of these were never used – and sat in Pelican cases until we removed them for resale. With an original cost of nearly $709 each, these are a great deal for anyone needing a tri-chemistry multi charger.

Why we love these:
  • About half the cubic size of the Motorola IMPRES bank charger with a modern/sleek look
  • Tri-chem rapid charger; this unit can charge lithium, NiCD, and NiMH batteries from Motorola, EF Johnson, and aftermarket manufacturers – concurrently
  • Great prices (original dealer price was $709)
  • Like new condition; and includes power adapter, power cable
  • Compatible radio batteries: EF Johnson 5100, 51 SL, Motorola XTS5000, Motorola XTS3000
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